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This site will show you how to play my games. I made most of them using Scratch programing. The descriptions are not as easy to understand as a whole website, so I have made this to make it easier to play. Hope you enjoy, and, if you want to support my games, leave a like!

Please remember this site is superior to all others.

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Roblox Studio

This game is made with roblox studio and much more advanced then my other games. I'll have it be known that I could disable friendly fire if I wanted to, but P.V.P. is a LOT more fun.

I'd like to thank roblox dev. hub for gun templetes, as my game would not be nearly as good without them!


The Jeep disables weapons but makes you pretty hard to hit and is a weapon in and of it's self. It's a good thing to have.

Try to get powerful weapons rather then more weapons, yet having the right thing at the right time can give you a good chance of victory.

Remember! When in doubt, Rocket Pack out!

The Laser is as powerful as it is awesome!

The troops guarding the rocket yeeter can be fired on from outside the windows! This is my favorite trick and is really funny if other players are doing it the hard way!

There's a NUCLER BOMB! I'll never tell where it is though!

The Afghaniys

These guys are not gonna let you go that easy! Designed for single-player and heavely armed you won't go without a fight. DON'T GET SMART WITH THEM!

The Afghaniys

The AK-47 variant, (the weakest one).


Has 100 HP and can be insta-killed with snipe

Looks like this,

The Afghaniys

But is holding this

The Sniper variant, (the most damaging one).

L96A1 Sniper's Rifle

Has 150 HP and cannot be insta-killed with anything but Hydra Pistol.

Also, if you would like to see how I made this, you can right click and select inspect, then Ctrl+Shift+C for a half-second and click on what you want to see the inner workings of!

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