The Guns John Wick SHOULD Have Used...

"May I suggest the Benelli M4? Custom bolt-carrier release and charging handle. Textured grips, should your hands get- wet. An Italian classic."

-The Sommelier, John Wick 2

Sure, the guns John Wick uses are pretty cool, and most of them were very effective, but I'm just saying, they could have been better! In this article, I will review what I think he SHOULD have been using, because in this case, bigger IS better!

First of all, he'll need a new handgun, preferably full size, as tactical as possible, I have taken into consideration how important tacticality is to him, and of all the tactical pistols, I can whole-heartedly endorse:

Sig Sauer P320 X-Five Legion,

Likely all the firepower he'll need, extremely tactical, and I can't speak well enough of the P320's capabilities. The X-Five Legion in particular is extremely fast, with a match-grade trigger, 21+1 round magazine, a fantastic competition handgun.

Next up, something Robust, Precise, and at first glance, quite a few weapons come to mind, but after some thought, I feel a good choice would be:

Daniel Defense DDM4 V7

In my opinion, this rifle really would be perfect, if you've seen the torture-tests i've seen done to this thing, you won't think twice about it's reliblity. Fantastic accuracy, thanks to it's cold-hammer forged barrel. Very reliable, tactical, and practical.

Moving on, something for the end of the night, something Big, and Bold. When I hear those two words, my imagination takes off, after all, how many hundreds of guns could be described as big and bold? However, given his large appetite for all things tactical, I could see him extremely effective with:

Kalashnikov Concern Saiga-12,

The Benelli M4 would be an excellent choice, but the Sagia-12 would just be so much bigger and so much bolder. Higher capacity, faster reloads, much more destructive. I will say however, it could be too bold, but who cares! This thing would be awesome!

So there we have it, I do believe I have done it better then the movie-makers, I'm sure that with my suggested armaments John Wick will be far more efficient, faster, and is sure to impress (if not swiftly destroy) any onlookers. Thank you for your time, and have a nice day.

Want to learn more about the guns mentioned in this article? I'd like to encourage you to check out these videos, and maybe even research for yourself!

WARNING! Brandon Herrera is for mature audiences only, even then, I would recommend procceding with caution.