Handwrapped gifts

I wrap my presents with love, customized to whom you will gift it to!


About our shop

One of my favorite times of the year is Christmas. I love wrapping presents and making them for family and friends. If I have ever thrown a birthday party for you, you would know I love everything about gifts, decorating, all that jazz. Why am I telling you this? Most CC moms are very busy around the holidays, and sometimes things can get last minute. Wrapping presents is my passion, my wrapping is very neat if I do say so myself. My offer stands, I will gladly wrap any presents anyone needs wrapped!

Types of Gifts Provided:

Christmas Standard
The Classic Present Wrapping... Usually bought in bulk.


Christmas Premium
These gifts are wrapped in not your typical wrapping paper, but in your premium butcher paper topped with a beautiful decoration.


Traditional Wrapping Paper, Bags with tissue paper, or my personal favorite, Michi Style. Wrapped with unending DUCT TAPE!

Buy in Bulk

When wrapping Christmas presents, usually, there is more than one to wrap. Click Below to read more!



For Self Provided Materials: $2.50 per present, $20 for 10 presents.

For Provided Materials: $5.00 per present, $45 for 10 presents.

For Premium Presents: $6.00 per present


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